Out of the shadow and into the light!

The second of September 2000 was a special day for me. It saw the release of my own shell, core 1.0. It was soon followed by a bug fixed version, 1.1, and then I began work on what would be known as core 1.2. Seeing that I was capable of creating a shell I wanted to remedy a couple of design flaws and rewrite the parts of the shell that I wasn’t 100% pleased with.

Why core?

core stared out of three different reasons:

  1. I wanted to know if I could to it.
  2. I wanted to prove that a shell could be written in Visual Basic.
  3. I wanted a shell that I could extend using the language I preferred, Visual Basic.

core achieved all of these points, and I had a shell where I can introduce new ideas and features to the shell community, without having to spend the extra time it takes to do the same thing in c/c++. Core was the first shell (at least to my knowledge) that allowed the users a choice of where to store their settings. Core was the first shell to have a scrollable systray, and these are but the first innovations to come from the Core shell project, more is in the pipeline, so stay tuned!


This project is abandoned