And now, a word on encryption

One of the things i am now good at is encrypting my data, and i am not talking about Bitlocker or some other hard drive encryption, but rather securing my online data with KeePass. I have changed all my online passwords to at least 32 char long random string, and i store them all in a Corsair Survivor usb stick. This is backed up to my computer whenever i access it. KeePass is cross platform so i can easily access my passwords under Debian at work. This usb stick also contains a Truecrypt volume, again a great cross platform encryption tool, that contains all the files i need to carry around with me. If you are still living in a unencrypted world i suggest you take a closer look at these two tools, for your own safety if nothing else.

Carl Cedergren
2008-02-19 20:50

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