Steal my art!

Those of you that know me will know that i consider programming an art form. This page is not dedicated to code though, but rather to some modern art projects that I intend to do when I find the time/money. These are all projects that somehow have come to me over the years, things that I feel would be nice to realize, as a reflection of me and my thoughts. If/when I do complete a project I will post pictures of it here, and should they ever be made public I will also post their location.


The idea behind Texture is emphasize the feel of different textures on what seems to be an even surface.

The piece would be created using a canvas, on which pieces of sand paper would be arranged in uneven and random patterns to create a shifting sensation when touched. The whole area would then be painted black to cover the different materials used, but with a light enough paint to leave the texture.  


Water gives the feeling of being suspended in water, and gives the viewer the option to participate from below or above.

Water is created using two big square LCD screens, that are attached back to back and suspended in mid air using wires from the ceiling. The screens are contained in a frame, preferably a thin one, to give the impression of it being just one solid item. These two screens will the display a human body that swims/lies in the water, one filmed from above and the other filmed from below. The sequence of the body is looped at some interval. The movie also contains sound that generate from the screens, to add to the feeling of a body in water.