bad, bad me

Its been almost 2 (two!!!) months since i wrote something in my journal, that is a shame! I am currently moving my sites to, and while doing so i have started to update the sites. Det Svarta Staketet, my club page is the first to get a overhaul, and after that i and Tres`ni will be going over the sites. It is about time to release a new build of core, since i am currently adding OLE server support to the main executable, i hope to have this done before the end of the month. If there is time, and there should be, i will do some module development as well.  

In the real world i will be moving soon, me and the girlfriend will be moving closer to the city core, and will be living on walking distance from almost everything. That is great! more to come, so stay tunes...

Carl Cedergren
2002-08-02 14:49

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