Building a MythTV system

Over the last couple of days i have totaly rebuilt my media box. This time i decided to go with mythTV an Linux based HTPC system. I first tried to get it to work using my favourite distribution, Debian, but since that proved to much hassle i decided to use KnoppMyth. Its a Knoppix based version of mythTV and it worked great. After i had the basic system up and running i started to configure the different aspects. To get the DVD viewing to work (something that didn't work that well under Windows due to some strange copyright protection) i needed libdvdcss which is based on the css descrabled written by the Norwegian nowdays known as DVD-jon. With that installed xine played all my dvds without any problem. Getting the TV tuned was more work, since my provider scrambles the content, a lot of none existing channels were detected by the system, so i had to go through them all and see which ones were acctual channels. Ptune-ui atleast made this process a bit easier, by giving me a simple GUI to change the frequency with. Once these parts were working it was mainly some simple modifications left. I installed Samba and maped on the drives on my fileserver holding the media content. I also installed x11vnc to allow me to remote controll the box from my workstation as well as GKrellM to allow me easy access to system information.

This means that YAPVR is no more, since mythTV does all it ever did, and then a whole lot more.

Carl Cedergren
2006-01-02 19:33

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