step.rc editor for Litestep

This modules' purpose is to write changes directly to the step.rc. It writes the change to the step and saves it "behind the scenes". The changes are put into effect when the user recycles litestep.


Unzip the change.dll into your litestep dir. Add the line:

loadmodule c:\litestep\change.dll  

to your step.rc (change c:\litestep to point at your litestep dir)


The syntax for this module is very simple. Each change you wish to make becomes a bang command. The bang command that you create can be activated by any of the common ways. Ie: shortcut, popup, wharf, hotkey, or command line (lsxcommand).

The bang command looks like this:

!changeline [original line][new line][mode]

an example of this might be:

!changeline [SystrayHidden][;SystrayHidden][normal]

This would disable the systray always on top command. So obviously, whatever function you wish to change has to be already present (enabled or disabled) in your step.rc.

The mode setting determines how the changes are made. Currently there are 3 modes:

  • [normal]    - find the line in param1, replace with param2
  • [substring] - is param1 a substring of the current line, if so, replace
  • [force]     - just like normal mode, but if the line isn't found then append param2 to the end of step.rc


1.00 first release


  • Phar0e - Documentation and beta testing.
  • Slimer - helping out with some code.


change version 1.0 (source)