core 1.2 build 23

Almost made it, i didn't release the updated xClock, but i got the core 1.2 build 23 release finished last night, and you can download it from It features the following changes:

  • Added partiel DDE support, core handles the DDE messages but does nothing with them.

  • Added internal colorcodes, you can now use the colorvalues to refer to windows own color settings (see the docs for more info).

  • Added priority setting, you can now control at what priority core runs.

I hope to finish the DDE server stuff in the coming weeks, and then i will put out a new build. Apart from that there aren't any plans to add more stuff to core, at least not at the moment. After i complete the current bunch of modules ill get back to work on SUIT and when i get it ready for a release it will be merged with the current core codebase (id say SUIT is about 15-20 hours away from completion, so a good weekend of work and we should see a release).
Apart from this there are a couple of new webenhanments in the pipeline, both for this site and for the domain.

Carl Cedergren
2002-09-30 10:54

<< time, time, i want more time! a evening of work! >>