core 1.2

Well, this weekend finaly saw there release of core 1.2. It has been in development for ages and it feels great to finaly have it of my back. Now i can focus on updating the modules that i like and create a bunch of new ones.
The first module to get a overhaul is the new monitors module. It is such a great concept that i have decided to expand on it and include a multitude of ways to display the monitored informations, including but not limited to: graph, analog meter, digital meter, pie charts etc etc.
Down the line there are a bunch of new modules, the most interesting one would probably be the net module, that includes the microsoft scripting host and a winsock interfact. Using it anyone can create winsock features, like mail checkers, upload/download mechanisms etc.
Thats all for now, ill keep you posted as development progresses.

Carl Cedergren
2002-01-06 21:39

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