Customizing Windows Mobile

This weekend i have completely remade the GUI of my M600. I have been playing around with a lot of today replacements and addons as well as windows skinning tools and what not. I finally settled on the excellent rlToday today plugin, that i am using to build almost all of my today screen (i have the bottom area reserved for BatteryStaus). This gives me a stunning today screen with slick 48x48 png based icons and a easy to view watch. Apart from this i installed pBar that allows me to close and not just minimize running applications with ease. It seems to be somewhat buggy though (and the 1.3 release is not available in English yet), so it might have to be replace with a more reliant if less feature rich alternative. Apart from these great GUI tools i have installed a bunch of utilities and games, but more on these later.

Carl Cedergren
2007-03-18 19:55

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