desktop modifications

Since i ended the core shell project, i have been using explorer as my shell in windows xp. Since i discovered the Bricomix packs i have been using them to style up my desktop. The package i have been using the Gant 2 Ocean, an good looking pack based of the brilliant icons Mattahan (the same icons used on this site). About six months ago there was a new release of the pack, this time titled Gant 3o. Yesterday i upgraded to this pack at work, and i realised that it needed some work to look the way i wanted it. The first thing i did was replace the VistualStyle with something a bit more fitting (i just found the bundled one unusable, the bundled one in g2o was a lot better). After this i decided to try Objectdock since there was a theme for it in the package. Having used Mac OS X on and off at work on a mac mini i was familiar with the idea of the dock, i just never really liked it. This time it was different. I move all the desktop icons to the dock and replace their icons with versions form the Gant pack. It looked stylish. Now what to do with the ugly Windows taskbar? I have been meaning to try out Geoshell for quite some time now, and i realised that this would be a good way to get rid of the taskbar. I installed Geoshell 4.11.10 and created a small bar with just the tray and the date/command module. Now that is a good looking desktop =). Lets see if i keep on using it, and if it will mean that my desktop at home changes along these lines.

Carl Cedergren
2006-02-10 14:39

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