DJ Set: Club Target

Last night I had another DJ set at my club, Club Target. Two bands, System and Twat took the stage. It was a good crowd and people seemed to have fun. Set list is attached. [b]First Set[/b]
Grendel - Interrogation Leash
C-Lekktor - We Are All Ready Dead
Red Cell - Broken Smile
Trakktor - Veil of Thorns
Tactical Sekt - 7 Steps To Dysfunction
Hocico - Forgotten Tears (Live)
Front Line Assembly - Shifting Through The Lens
Covenant - Figurehead (Plain)
Edge Of Dawn - Black Heart (Alpha)

[b]Second Set[/b]
Mind in a box - Amnesia
Absurd Mind - Hertslos
Mesh - Let them crush us
Iris - Closer to Real
Hype - Wintersday (2005A)
Lisa Pedersen - Light blue
Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle
Universal Poplab - Another last time
And One - Military Fashionshow
Page - Dansande Man

Carl Cedergren
2011-01-15 19:01

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