End of summer vacation

So, my summer vacation has come to an end and today is the first day on my new job. It was a nice vacation, we started by spending a week in New York. It was the first time either of us was in the US, apart from the heat (there was a heat wave and it reached about 100 degrees Fahrenheit) it was a very pleasant week. We did most of the sites, and got to do some shopping as well. After this we were in Gothenburg for 3 days before heading out again, this time to Nyköping to celebrate Midsummer. After that we went to Enköping to visit my parents. Come monday it was time to go to Uppsala to join up with Hannas family before heading of to Portugal for one week. This was a totally relaxing week, we slept alot, ate good food and bathed (in the pool as well as the ocean). After Portugal we went back to Gothenburg for one last weekend before going back to work. I think its the most travel i have done in any time off, but all in all it was a great vacation. There are a bunch of photos in the gallery for those so inclined.

Carl Cedergren
2008-07-07 11:01

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