Facebook, or, the future to come

I succumbed and registered for Facebook a couple of days ago. It is yet another online community (this one at least looking as if it was create with modern technology unlike myspace). The new thing with Facebook is that it has support from 3rd party plugins, right on the profile page. This gives the user the ability to customize what information is displayed there, and it got me thinking. Apart from this site, where i post my ramblings, some photos and other bits of my life i have other pages where there is more information about me, like last.fm, discogs etc. So, using the 3rd party API i should be able to write a couple of plugins that takes all this information and displays it on my Facebook profile. But why stop there? Why not link all these sites together, so that when i update something somewhere, it gets replicated throughout the whole network. This is what we'll see in the future, combining all these sites and allowing them to exchange information with each other. I will start with the Facebook integration of coppermine, my news page and the events on my last.fm account, and we'll see what happens after that.

Carl Cedergren
2007-08-20 11:36

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