faster than light

Back on my feet again. My computer is still down, but i have been visiting my parents the last couple of days. Using there computer core development has continued. What we now have running, ie ready for a release is:  

the shell executable, core.exe  

  • smooth module loading  
  • powerfull calculator to use in settings, ie you can position stuff depending on resolution etc.  
  • internal skin engine, can skin any module window with one line of code
  • ishelllnk interface, which means that the system can create and handle .lnk file, i will use this to create shell structures, ie lnk files will be able to run !bang commands etc.  
  • internal gui setup, modules can use this or there own, all up to the author.  

my lsxcommad clone, box.dll  

  • uses the core calculator, powerful.  
  • scrolls any window title.  
  • runs all you commands.  

my quick launch module, bar.dll  

  • skinable quick launch.  
  • handles lnk files.  

shortcuts, shortcut.dll  

  • fully skinable.  
  • runs different commands on different buttons.  

Well, a release might be done Sunday, or the beginning of the next week.  

Carl Cedergren
2000-07-27 02:32

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