Gallery Updated

McFly just released a new version of Coppermine for e107, that works well with e107 0.7+. I decided to add it to the site and move all my pictures over from the Gallery install that i still had running on This means that i finally have the whole site running on the same server, and all under e107, which is nice. The move might take a day or two to complete, since i need to manually move the descriptions etc. I also have a bunch of photos that i haven't uploaded to the old gallery, that i hope to have online after the weekend at the latest.

This in turn means that i wont be using the services provided by anymore, its been a great time on your server guys, thnx a lot!

On a completely different note i have update eCaptcha to version 1.5, lets hope that finally stops the comment spam.

Carl Cedergren
2006-05-11 10:32

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