Me and Hanna just spent four days (six if you count the traveling ones) on Gotland together with Andreas and Lotta. It was really nice, and we had great weather the whole time (seeing as Sweden has had quite a bad summer this year). On Saturday we went to the Lumelunda cave for a cave exploration. This was really cool, with some rafting, lots of climbing and squeezing, feeling a lot like a genuine experience (compared to the normal tourist stuff). Sunday we went medieval (or the rest of the party did, i dressed up in some stuff i borrowed from Andreas and went along against my better judgment ;-)). We visited the medieval fair and had dinner at Clematis, a medieval restaurant. We finished the night of down by the sea were i had just a little to much wine to drink. Monday was spent at Tofta beach, getting way to much sun (which means that i am now more red then anything else) and in the evening we went to Roma to see Lars Norén take on Hamlet. I enjoyed it more then the rest of the party, so i was quite pleased. Sunday we went into Visby again, just strolling around and enjoying the nice weather. The only bad parts were probably the long travel times, taking us more then ten hours to get to and from Gotland, and the fact that the medieval feel was a lot less then the last time we were there, perhaps the fact that every town in Sweden seems to have a medieval fair these days have lessened the need for people to go to Gotland.

Carl Cedergren
2007-08-08 22:30

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