i want a job!

This is quite depressing, just being home all day with nothing to do. Sure, it has given me time to redo the whole www.coreshell.info domain including adding the all new users.coreshell.info, based on jalists excelent e107 CMS. I have also messed around a bit with the core source, and i will probably release a couple of updates in the coming weeks.

Being a bit depressed by all this i have started to feel that nobody is using core, so if you are, please give me some support by posting a thread on the forum/writing a email/saying hi in #coreshell/running a !update or whatever, so that i know that all my work is being recived somewhere!

Carl Cedergren
2003-02-24 15:56

<< stil no job www.detsvartastaketet.nu is online! >>