Midsummer and House Cleaning

This weekend we celebrated midsummer, a quite important holliday here in Sweden. As usual (atleast for the last five years) we went to visit Sofia and Mats in Ornäs. Other regulars Frida, Peter, Rebecka, Andreas and Ylva also joined in the festivities. The day starts out with the creation of the midsummer pole, an event that the whole village part takes in. After this we have a traditional sill (herring) and snaps lunch. Once this is done the official celebration in the village field takes place. We have a yearly competition (one that Hanna has won one year), a fish pond (were you get a bag on candy), some lotteries etc. And then there is of course the dancing around the pole. After this we usually have a barbeque and the celebration goes on well into the night (or atleast as long as everybody can manage, after a whole day you have a tendency to get a bit tired).

The day after this I and Hanna went to Falun to clean our old apartment. We spent six hours just throwing stuff away, before finaly starting to clean. It was a lot of work, bu now its done, and the new tenants will move in at the end of the month.

Carl Cedergren
2006-06-26 11:38

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