more hardware trouble

This column has come to be about my hardware problems more and more lately, and the latest chapter in this story is that the gfx card somehow messed up my system. It caused crashes from time to time until the system wouldn't boot due to corupt files. I removed the card and did a complete reinstall on my new 20GB IBM drive. Everything ran nicely for a day or two, so i decided to try the gfx card again. I installed it and the system crashed and the drive was corrupt. I pulled the card and reformated, and did a complete install again. I am going to try it in my mp3/divx box tomorrow, and if it doesn't work there it is going back to the store.

As you probably can guess, this haven't left me with much time coding. What i will do, when i get Visual Studio installed, is to help tres'ni hammer out the problems with his theme fore corKeD. When this is done ill get right back to module development.

Carl Cedergren
2002-03-01 02:42

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