More weddings

This weekend i and Hanna attended the wedding between Emma, one of Hannas friends from school, and her Tor. The wedding was held in Älvkarleby, about 640km from Gothenburg. We (thats me, Frida and Peter) had decided to drive so we started in the afternoon and reached Älvkarleby at about 22.30 the day before the wedding. We all shared a cottage with Sofia, Mats and Ronnie. It was a bit crowded (esp since it was two weeks since me and Hanna last saw each other) but it was ok. The wedding was nice, what i expect to be a typical church wedding, and the dinner and party afterwards was brilliant. We danced until 02.30 or so (just goes to prove how important good music is to get the after dinner party going). Sunday saw another 640km car ride back to Gothenburg. I hope to post some pictures from the weekend in the Gallery soon.

Carl Cedergren
2006-05-22 09:04

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