New release of Smooth Calendar

I am in the progress of bringing Smooth Calendar to the 1.0 release, and i will be doing this in a couple of steps, the first one is released today (0.9.7) and its a rework of the backend, where i have added automatic refreshes of the widget when the calendar changes as well as when the current event ends. I have also added a configuration option that allows the user to change the date/time strings used. The final new feature is the launcher icon, if the user haven't added a widget yet it will inform them on how to do so (should hopefully mean the end to all the "doesn't work" comments on market) and if there is one or more instances running it will allow you to configure them. The next release will focus on the looks of the widget.

If you installed this update and it crashes a lot, please try uninstalling and installing it again.

Carl Cedergren
2010-04-19 12:56

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