OpenSocial, or, i told you so

Yesterday Google launched their API for social network sites, and its called OpenSocial. This will alow third party developers to access parts of the social network sites databases, and in this way create applications that add new features to the sites. This is just the thing that has made FaceBook so popular (even if their API leaves a lot to be desired, but more on that later). If Google can gather enough sites behind their API, and if it is good enough, then this could be a huge step towards the merging of information that i was detailing my facebook post, ie, let all the communities do what they do best, and let the users bind all this information together in a way that they feel gives them extra value. As soon as i'm done with my current facebook application i am going to have a look at the Google API, to see what extactly it offers and how the sites are supposed to interact with it.

Carl Cedergren
2007-11-02 21:26

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