This is a general remote control module for Litestep. By passing windows messages to programs you can interact with them through the Litestep GUI (like shortcuts, popupmenu or whatever that supports bang commands).


Unzip the remote.dll into your Litestep directory. Add the line:

loadmodule c:\litestep\remote.dll  

to your step.rc (change c:\litestep to point at your litestep dir)

After this you will have to add a *send command for each message you want to be able to use.

the syntax is:

*send <command-name> <window/program> <message> [program to run]

where <command-name> is the name you want this message to have <window/program> is the name of the program/title of the window <message> is the message number to send (check the program documentation for the right codes [program to run] optional, if the window isn't found, run this program


*send IDNEXT CoolPlayer 40014, c:\program\coolplayer\coolplayer.exe

would send 40014 to the CoolPlayer window whenever Litestep runs a !Send IDNEXT and if that window isn't found it would run the coolplayer.exe.

This way you can control everything from mp3-players to webbrowser to windows native functions.


Here are a couple of message codes for some programs, received from the latest graphite build (which contains the feature that this dll handles).

Settings for Windows Media Player:

  • Send PLAY "Media Player 2" 3047
  • Send STOP "Media Player 2" 3048
  • Send PAUSE "Media Player 2" 3047
  • Send OPEN "Media Player 2" 3009
  • Send PREVIOUS "Media Player 2" 3049
  • Send NEXT "Media Player 2" 3050

Settings for Coolplayer:

  • Send PLAY "CoolPlayer" 40010
  • Send STOP "CoolPlayer" 40011
  • Send PAUSE "CoolPlayer" 40012
  • Send OPEN "CoolPlayer" 40013
  • Send PREVIOUS "CoolPlayer" 40015
  • Send NEXT "CoolPlayer" 40014

Settings for WinAmp:

  • Send PLAY "WinAmp v1.x" 40045
  • Send STOP "WinAmp v1.x" 40047
  • Send PAUSE "WinAmp v1.x" 40046
  • Send OPEN "WinAmp v1.x" 40029
  • Send PREVIOUS "WinAmp v1.x" 40044
  • Send NEXT "WinAmp v1.x" 40048

Settings for K-Jöfol v0.51:

  • Send PLAY "KjofolMainWindow" 8
  • Send STOP "KjofolMainWindow" 4
  • Send PAUSE "KjofolMainWindow" 12
  • Send OPEN "KjofolMainWindow" 2
  • Send PREVIOUS "KjofolMainWindow" 17
  • Send NEXT "KjofolMainWindow" 18

Settings for K-Jöfol 2000 v1.0:

  • Send PLAY "KjofolMainWindow" 5128
  • Send STOP "KjofolMainWindow" 5124
  • Send PAUSE "KjofolMainWindow" 5132
  • Send OPEN "KjofolMainWindow" 5122
  • Send PREVIOUS "KjofolMainWindow" 5137
  • Send NEXT "KjofolMainWindow" 5128


  • 1.02 - Added the ability to run a program if the window wasn't found, so that you could start up the required program. Also added the commands section to this file, so you could get started easier.
  • 1.01 - Recompiled the module in a more aggressive manner, reducing its size to 20% of the last release. Enjoy!


remote version 1.02 (source)