Take control over your IRC sessions

scriptIRC is a fully scriptable IRC client, that uses core approach to usability, the "anyway you like it" approach. This means that there is minimal functionality in the client, and that everything can be controlled from a script file. This means that you can tailor the client to work the way YOU want it to.

For a long time have i wanted a IRC client that supports the Microsoft Scripting Host to the extreme, were each part of the client could be configured and modified using scripts. I realized that nobody was going to write it for me so i had to write it myself.


Project is abandoned

None so far.


scriptIRC uses code created by other programmers and released to the public domain. So far it uses the following pieces:

  • CSocket, Copyright (C) 2002 Oleg Gdalevich,
  • IRCengine, Copyright (c) 2003 ACiDtRip,

Please refer to the individual sites to gain additional information.