Smooth Calendar 2.0.0-beta1

So, I got quite a lot of work done on the Smooth Calendar rewrite this week, and I will release the first beta after the weekend to the beta users on Google play.

Almost all of the basic functionality is in place and I feel that it is enough for a release, where the last features will be added in a upcoming update. The following features are right now missing but will be added:

  • The option to change the order of the items in each event
  • The option to change the style of the event text
  • The option to select what application is launched when touching the widget

I have also decided that some features will no be returning as follows:

  • The option to have different settings for portrait and horizontal
  • The option to set a custom image as the background
  • The option to set a custom image as the date icon
  • The am/pm option (it can still be configured via the time format option, its just the setting that has been removed)

The following new features are also planned:

  • Support for tasks / reminders
  • Support for different calendar providers
  • New options for the date icon (based on a vector version)
  • Scalable preview
  • Dynamic icon that shows the current date

I have also decided to have all the features in the basic version, with the premium version just being a way for you to support the development.

That is all for now, stay tuned for the first beta release and hopefully for the first stable release soon.

Carl Cedergren
2022-11-04 07:05

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