Smooth Calendar 2

So, last week finally saw there release of the new version of smooth calendar, and its quite a lot of work after the release to try to please the users. It's quite interesting to see how people react to your work, to changes that you do and to the need for them to do some work on their own.

The large majority of the users seems super happy to finaly get an update and to see that the application is alive, but they are sadly drowned out by all the entitled people who are disappointed because something has change or they just haven't understood how it works in the new version. Its fascinating how they choose to express this, seeing that it is an app that is free for all, that I do in my spare time for my own needs, and that I then choose to share with the world.

As always, I try to just work through it and help people with the issues they are experiencing, no matter in what terms they choose to express themselves, but at the same time it would save me time that I could use to continue the development if people just tried to solve the issues on their own, google it, read the documentation on this site, read the comments etc.

Carl Cedergren
2023-03-07 11:41

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