Somebody should need me

Still looking for work, either as an consultant or as an employee. Its not that i mind beeing home all day (sure, it gets boring from time to time, but i have lots of stuff to work on), its just that not having any cash sucks.

I have been working a bit on some of my sites, mainly I am also trying to get a layout done for the cd archive, so that i can find the drive to finish that site of. I started to play a bit with the core plugin menubar (the one that never got released). I am thinking of making it a stand alone application, something along the lines of startdocks objectbar. For this ill need to get the ownerdrawn code to work, but if it does i might persue this project.

I have bought a license for klient, which in turn means that the scriptIRC project wont happen. If anybody want the source to pick it up from where i left of, just let me know.

Carl Cedergren
2005-02-20 10:45

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