State of Smooth Calendar 2.0

During the summer i got a large part of Smooth Calendar 2.0 done. The main thing that is missing the the scheduling of when to refresh the widget, and i hope to find the time to write this in the upcoming weeks, so that i can do a beta release of the rewrite on google play.

I plan to remove the current option to pay for it to unlock the features that i am not using myself and just make all features available for everyone. If i do this, i might keep the option to just support the app by an in app purchase, or just replace it with a paypal link, time will tell.

I am also thinking about making it open source. I really like the concept behind open source software, and i have release a bunch of programs as open source over the years, and with the rewritten code base i feel that this would be an option for Smooth Calendar as well. The only thing that worries me is all the forks that will show up on google play and distract the users from the genuine release, but it might be a risk worth taking to get some more people to work on it, we'll just see how it feels when the release is ready.

Carl Cedergren
2021-08-22 20:49

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