still no release

I promised the release this week and it still hasn't happened, bad of me. Ill try to get ti wrapped up this weekend. on the good side of things is the fact that i got some work on SUIT during this week, and if i can keep up this pace a beta release should be done by the end of the month, but don't take my word for it, OK? I am still pondering my brain how far i should go with the windows skinning, i don't want to go as far as window blinds does, since my idea is not to compete with their product, but since i have a couple of nice features in the SUIT set i think i will add them, and we'll see how much i will do for you and how much you will have to do on your own. when SUIT is released in any fashion i will have to release a new build of core, to start using it. I hope to have the DDE worked out by then, perhaps as a x-mas release?!

Carl Cedergren
2002-11-22 14:09

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