that is so cool!

Browsing my global news page i found [this post](,10301,

) by and i must concure, i am also impressed. This reminds me of something i said back in the darkages that i envisioned core to be used not only as a shell, but also as a platform to create other applications. After i get SUIT out (the timeplan for which i posten in my journal on the 2002-09-30), i hope to look into this a bit more. My original post mentioned wrappers for the plugins to allow them to run standalone, but i think that the aproach used by moshi in his LSDock is better, since it means that i wont have to redo the same things once more. This might mean that i have to trim stuff out from core though, to have more stuff handled by modules, but this is something that time will have to tell. These are exciting times indeed.

Carl Cedergren
2002-10-03 12:58

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