Time to get a new drive?

My Primary Workstation is now about two years old, and i still feel its a good box, so i guess that means that the decline in hardware performance has slowed of somewhat (or rather, that the new hardware is just beyond my current needs). I am a firm relived of the "reinstall Windows at least once a year" movement, and still i haven't reinstalled this box since i bought it. So, why am i rambling about this i hear you ask? Well, the thing is, Western Digital just released the Raptor WD740GD, their 150GB 10000RPM SATA NCQ Drive. Do i want one? Yes i do! This would in turn force me to reinstall the OS, which is quite a lot of work (tuning Windows to work the way you want it is a lot more then popping the cd into the drive). Is it expensive? Oh, yes, running at about $350 its anything but cheap. Is it fast? Go figure! Is it cool? just have a look. Will i get one? No one knows.

Carl Cedergren
2006-01-07 20:05

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