USB Slave with Ethernet port

Today i found the Numark D2 and immediately knew that i wanted one. Having it read mp3/wav files from my myth front end and allowing me to mix them seamlessly with my cd/vinyl records would be great! But there is a problem (there always seems to be, doesn't it?), It reads its files from a USB mass storge, a disc or a flash card or whatever. Sure, this works for most people i guess, but i want it to read its files from my myth box, since i don't feel like having my mp3:es on different discs and having to sync them back and forth. I have now searched the net without result for something that could create this connection (either a USB Slave PCI card for my box or a adapter/box to put in between) to no avail. If anybody can come up with a solution, please let me know!

Carl Cedergren
2007-03-03 14:43

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