Today Ars Technica ran an article about the idea of a web based OS. The idea in it self isn't all new, client/server based operating systems have been around since the dawn of computer technology, but with todays more and more webb centred world it is again an interesting idea. Ars linked me on to YouOS, an desktop enviroment written to run inside a browser, and that you can extend and adapt using javascript only. It looks quite promising, even if its far from beeing a replacement for a moder desktop enviroment. This in turn led me on to SymphonyOS and their Mezzo Desktop. As more and more applications move to the web, and with AJAX and all beeing the latest hype, i dont think its far of until one of the major actors takes the plunge and launches a web based desktop enviorment, and with that in place something like symphony would be all that you need to use the same tools no matter where you currently are. Will this mean the end to traditional desktop operating systems? No, i dont think so, since there are many things that a web enviroment is not suited for, on the other hand it would be a nice alternative for the classic web surfing/word processing work that a lot of users do today.

Carl Cedergren
2006-04-25 06:45

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