What an excellent weekend!

Last weekend was extra long (four days of work due to easter) and it has been most excellent. Last thursday Hanna came to Gothenburg at lunch, we had a quick lunch before heading out into the city. After a quick coffee with Frida we went to the trainstation to pickup Björn. After some more shoping we headed back to the flat and started to party. During the evening Ahlgren and Ingefjord joined in, and we all headed of to PreSama. The rest of the gang stayed until closing, but i left just after midnight (beeing tired after a week of work and moving house). Friday was the big SAMA day, we spent the day with Christofer and his girlfriend Cecilia, who then later joined us for some drinks before heading of to the venue. SAMA was a lot like expected, then on the other hand i got to see Iris. There gig wasn't as good as the one on arvika 2004, but then again, that gig was something else. Apart from Iris i also saw Das Ich (who managed to fail to complete their gig due to technical problems) and De/Vision (who have become a bit to much rock for my taste). At midnight Hanna was very tired so we decided to skip VNV Nation and head back home. Saturday was spent shoping records and in the evening we went to Frida and Peter for a traditionall easter dinner and some games (RoboRally was again a great success, the 2004 edition of Trivial Pursuit wasn't). Sunday saw the departure of Andreas and Björn, and Hanna and i did some work in the apartment. In the late afternoon we took a car trip with Stefan and Kickan, and ended up on a nice little french resturant. We ate there (excellent pizza and creme brule, bad coffee) and went of for drinks at a nearby bar. Coming monday Hanna went back to Falun and life returned to its normal pace.

Carl Cedergren
2006-04-18 07:58

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