work, work, work!

Well, the work is progressing nicely, and i have started to contribute to e107, which feels nice, since it has helped my current project so much. Regulars will have noticed that has had a overhaul. Since i am the only one administering the core sites (which wasn't the plan when all the subdomains were created) it seemed like a waste of time and space to have things seperated. So now all of the core sites again resides in one place. There is also a new release, TrayTasks, a idea stolen from Litestep. It puts a icon in the systray for each running task. I have also rewritten the gfxplugin module, and it now uses a lot less memory and is generally better. It still contains a couple of bugs, but as soon as i get them straightened out ill release it.

Carl Cedergren
2003-11-25 00:05

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