another weekend...

Well, this weekend saw no progress on the development front, i upgraded e107 from 5.04 to 5.05d (in 4 steps, a, b, c, and d!). Jalist has been working his arse of getting us these updates, great!  

I spend my Saturday in Stockholm visiting a SF convention and meeting with Rutger Hauer, one of my all time favorite actors. I got to shake hands with the man, and he signed a copy of "salute of the jugger", one of his most underrated movies. I spent the evening getting blasted with the friends at a local pub, playing some cards and drinking beer.  

I know that i should devote more time to development, but since my day job takes so much of my time these days i want to do the most of my free time, i hope to have some development progress for you people soon, but don't hold your breath!

Carl Cedergren
2002-10-28 11:30

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