almost two weeks since my last post, now that is not OK. My isp sucks, as always, so our internet connection has been down for the last five (5!) days, and this has prevented me from writing someting here (not that i have had that much to write, but hey, i can rant cant it?). I had a nice idea the other day that i intent to implement as soon as i can find the time (this weekend perhaps?). I will make a wrapper for core plugins to host them as deskbands, this means that users of explorer will be able to run core plugins, kinda cool, eh? Sure, this would probably work better with geoshell or cloud9ine plugins, since they have the bar thing going, but i will make it anyway, if not so atleast to prove that it can be done.

The e107 site is done (even though i still haven't updated to 5.05, but i will as soon as i have the time) and for all of the people who are into the same kind of music as i am you should check out www.writheandshine.com, its a great comic and as a dj i can releate to some of the stuff that writhe has to put up with .

Carl Cedergren
2002-10-23 13:00

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