Bachelor party

Yesterday some of my friends throw me a bachelor party, and it was a blast. I was instructed to dress up like a MIB (black suit, white shirt, sunglasses) and to go to a coffee shop in the morning. In the shop i was handed train tickets to Uppsala. At the station Peter joined me for the trip, also dressed as a MIB. In Uppsala Fredrik greeted us, and we had a quick lunch. After this i had to uncover some clue to a mysterious alien death, and it turned out that a vindictive alien race were planning to destroy earth as vengeance for the death of one of their species. We visited the Morgue, the Military Radio Surveillance office, a Mall etc in our search for clues. After this we drove to MIB HQ, located at a motor stadium. There we got to compete in five different events, ranging from clay pigeon shooting to rally. After this we suited up with some soft airguns, and went to an abandoned building block, where the aliens were hiding. After an intense fire fight, that cost the life of my two fellow agents, i managed to subdue all the aliens, including their ferrous leader. To say the least i saved the day (and the planet (and to my horror the mayors daughter)). After this we went back to Uppsala for a barbecue and beer/wine. All in all it was a great day! There will be pictures in the gallery soon.

Carl Cedergren
2006-07-09 19:01

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