Hardware update

Today i updated my main work station, i swaped its old samsung spinpoint 160 GB for a brand new western digital raptor 36 GB with 16mb cache. The old drive will go into my fileserver so that i still can access it for storage. I also replace my trusted PlexWriter with a brand new Plextor PX-755S (its a SATA DVD writer). I also finaly settled for Adobe Photoshop Elemets 4.0, since Photoshop CS 2 is just outside of my price range, given the type of work i do. Apart from the 160GB Samsung i will add a new 250GB Samsung disk to the file server, bringing it up to 8 discs total for 1.7 TB storage space. That should do for quite some time.

Carl Cedergren
2006-07-18 11:02

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