Welcome to the Fall

Its been ages since i last posted here (42 days to be exact). During this time a lot has happened;

First, and foremost, i got married on the 22:nd of July to Hanna. It was a beautiful ceremony in the old Vasa Castle in Uppsala. After the ceremony we walked with all our guests down to Musicum, where the dinner was. The 60 odd guests seem to enjoy themselves and the last ones left when the place closed, att 02.30. Hanna and I had left just after midnight to spend our first night as a married couple at Hotel Hörnan. Pictures from the ceremony and the dinner will be up shortly.

On the 23:rd after opening all the great wedding presents we headed of to Scotland on our honeymoon. We spent 10 days driving around, visiting the Western Islands, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc etc. I will add a more extensive travel journal soon.There are pictures from this trip in the gallery.

After this we returned to Gothenburg for a nice week of rest and relaxation before going back to work. Having lived apart for over four months you come to enjoy just being at home doing nothing together. Now i am of to Barcelona for a week of work!

Carl Cedergren
2006-08-29 13:23

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