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Some of you might remember that i had a short but joy full visit in the City of Heroes last spring, and after all my Battlefield 2 playing i decided to take up this great game once again, but this time i decided to go for City of Villains instead, if nothing else to get some new missions. I sent out invites to some of my BF2 buddies, and they all seemed to enjoy the game, so we have played the first 18 levels during the last ten days or so. After my BF2 days i have gotten quite hooked on game statistics, and the City Of games doesn't support this out of the box, but when there is a need the is a solution, HeroStats (its OS aswell). Its a small program that runs on your box and collects information about your gaming, and then it can upload it to various online trackers to create a profile. I couldn't resist ordering the Good vs Evil box for the game (even though i already owned a copy of City of Heroes), since it got my some nice ingame treats, most of the quite pointless, then on the other hand it wasn't that much more expensive then a month of game time.

Carl Cedergren
2007-05-23 09:51

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