Wave Gotik Treffen

This weekend was spent in Leipzig enjoying Wave Gotik Treffen. After a long journey down (the traffic was just horrible to the trip with car from Malmö to Leipzig took about 14 hours) we arrived in Leipzig at about 20.00. Sadly for us this meant that In Strict Confidence had already played and that Absolute Body Control was just starting. Oh well, nothing to do about that, we had a couple of beers and then set out to see In The Nursery perform at Monumentum II. It was a really cool gig with a great setting, and the rain just added to the atmosphere. Saturday was spent at Agra, the biggest venue seeing bands such as Angels and Agony, Absurd Minds, Rotersand and Front 242. Agra is a really bad stage, the sound is not that good and the whole place just feels like a giant hangar. Sunday we did the shoping area at Agra (i bought a new pair of boots!) and then headed of to Kohlrabizirkus where we saw Pride and Fall, Seabound, Conetik, Dismantled (more or less) and Elegant Machinery (which was a brilliant gig btw). We then rushed over to Werk II to see Grendel (second time in three weeks). Last band of the evening was The Crüxshadows at Agra, sadly this show was kinda lame (the go-go girls that couldn't dance just bored the hell out of me). We ended the night at Moritzbastei, without a doubt one of the coolest club venues i have seen, but the music was the worst ever, so we headed back to the hotel. Monday was kinda slow, people were starting to leave, and the only bands we wanted to see played late at Kohlrabizirkus (Cassandra Complex being the main attraction and they ended the evening) so we spent the day enjoying some views and having some beer. Tuesday we went back home, and the traffic was a lot better, even if we had some bad luck at the ferry, and we ended up back home at about midnight.

Carl Cedergren
2007-05-30 14:26

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