Birthday party

Next Wednesday is my 30th birthday, and I celebrated it with some friends this weekend. Even if fewer then I had expected showed up (that's what you get from moving across the country) the ones who did made me all that more happy. We had a cocktail party, without the outside activities of earlier years. I got a lot of great gifts to:

  • From Åsa and Dan I got a breakfast tray with complementary breakfast items (jam, crackers, tea etc).
  • From Andreas x 3, Lotta and Jocke i got an Sabol army transport case.
  • From Frida, Peter, Sofia and Mats I got a battle of the cities, Gothenburg vs Falun. It was a set of six items for each city, and a score card for me to judge them. Gothenburg won 4-2. This was a really fun and creative gift which got a lot of laughter when opened.
  • From Andreas S (who had travelled some 620km to get here) I got a nice 250gb hard drive (soon to go into my server).
  • From Thomas i got a bag of liquor.

All in all it was a great evening and I am very thankful of the ones who showed up to share it with me.

Carl Cedergren
2006-06-19 14:31

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