Project Delivered

Under the monkier of my software development company, Catharsis, i have over the last year or so been working on an updated version of the CMS system used by Förbundet Svensk Bridge. Their old system was based on e107 v6.15 with a lot of changes made by me. After it was launched a lot of work has gone into making e107 a lot more modular and extendable, to allow users to add and modify features without touching the core code. It has been quite a mean task, but as of yesterday evening the update is done. Sure, there will be things that needs to be fixed, but all in all i am done with the project for this time. I expect to pick it up and add a lot of features come this fall, but for now i am going to enjoy some time of.

On a side note i think that this installation is amongst the largest (if not the largest) e107 installations, with over 43000 users.

Carl Cedergren
2006-06-16 16:23

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