Custom Space Marines

Some time back in 2005 I decided to create my own, home brewn Space Marine chapter. Most of my armies up to that point had been tabletop standard when it came to painting but this time I decided to try to go a bit above that. I also wanted to cast my own shoulder pads with my chapter iconography and try to put extra time in building every marine. I wrote a short history about the chapter and started to work on the first test marine. This is how he turned out.

I think it looks quite nice, both the red and the white are painted in 6-7 layers and used no inks but just painted on highlights and shades. Once he was done I started to create my first HQ choice, a Librarian, some members of the command squad a couple of Devestators. I also started to build two dreadnoughts. Then I kinda stopped playing 40k and the army went together with the other stuff into storage. As I now have started to play again and since the new Space Marine codex is due any day I thought it was time to revisit my own chapter. I have decided to use the same paint scheme, since it think its quite nice, and ill try to recreate the same shoulder pads or atleast to create some custom ones. I have also decided to push the "state of the art" equipment by giving all of the marines mark 8 armour. This will be done using Grey Knight front torsos with the Grey Knight iconography removed combined with normal backs as well as normal legs etc. I will also add a lot of other high tech stuff, like scopes, scanners etc.

Ever since I bought Advanced Space Crusade I have loved the marines with mohawks, so I have decided that all my marines shall have them. I have looked around and apart from the classic head from Advanced Space Crusade I have secured the following heads.

This should mean that I can achive this goal without a problem. I am going for a complete Drop Pod army, a couple of squads with characters and an Iron Clad dreadnought.

Carl Cedergren
2013-08-29 11:23

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