Lets talk Plague Zombies

Back in the day, I think it was 2004, when I built my traitor guard army the new Cadian plastic had just been released and I decided to kit bash them with the WFB zombie box to create my plague zomies. This was, as most of my projects, a lot more work then I had ever imagined. Just the time I have spent scraping out helmets from their former Cadian head and then adding a zombie one I can't phantom. I was very pleased with the result though and the army was fun to play, and proved to be an unusual but welcome sight on the gaming table. Since I have now started to use the army again with the traitor list from Imperial Armour Volume Seven- Seige of Vraks part three I have decided that models built for that army should stay in that army. On the other hand I can't ignore the fact that Typhus with a bodyguard of plague zombies is quite a nice unit, and having them all charge form a Nurgle corrupted Spartan assult tank would be very cool.

Should I decided to add this element to my current Death Guard army then I would have to create some new plague zombies, and I think I have just found the perfect models. Puppets war have a bunch of Zombie Korps that would fit the bill perfectly and would require just conversion to give them each a unique look. Lets see if this ever happens (the price of the Spartan is a bit offsetting).

Carl Cedergren
2013-08-28 15:46

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