Desktop progress

Context menus are done, and that was quite a feat. Now we have transperant icons that display the correct context menus, that can be moved around and that remember their position. I will add the ability to change icons and the ability to create icons that use shell specific commands, so that you can have icons for !refresh etc.

On a side note the school for this semester is over, and i have a week of freetime until my last course begins. It feels good to know that i am almost done, but it also feels a bit strange knowing that the life i have lived for the last six (6!) years is about to end, and i will venture into the working world.

One of the ideas for what to do after school is to find finacing for the fileSphere project. It would realy be fun to complete the project in a proper maner, and add all the stuff that was left out. I still feel it is a leading edge product, even though it hasn't been in active development for a year. We'll see, since the dotcom crash it is harder to finde venture captial, but its hard, and not impossible, so we'll have to see what happens.

Carl Cedergren
2002-01-17 03:09

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