More GFX stuff, and the tasks module!

Well, i have tried everything (almost) to get a GeForce card to run on my system. I even tried swaping the powersupply, and it helped, but didn't solve the problem. So i have given up on the GeForce cards and have orderd a Matrox G450, not that good 3D spec, but then i dont play that many games, so it will have to do.

As some of you know the task module for core is all but done. There is one last bug that i cant seem to solved tought, when you add it to the wrapper it stops updating, it runs, but it doesn't update (or id say, it doesn't redraw the way it should. I tried to fix this problem today by adding the passing of WM_PAINT to the wrapper, so that it passes that command on to the wrapped windows, but it still didn't help. I will try to work some more on this problem when i can find the time. If anybody know of a solution, please get in touch.

Carl Cedergren
2002-01-13 01:31

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