Emperor's Children

Since both my Death Guard and my Thousand Sons armies are reaching completion, and since Forgeworld have released two beautiful sets (the Palatine Blades and the Kakaphoni) I knew that the next Chaos army I wanted to do was the emperors children. This one will build of the Horus Heresy models, with current Chaos parts mixed in, together with a lot of mutations, to give the look of a warband that has been active since the heresy. I will be using the two forgeworld sets as a basis for my first two squads of Noise Marines, adding parts from the Noise Marine upgrade kit as well as mutations from different plastic kits. After they are done I want to do some jetbikes. I really hate the idea of Space Marines riding bikes, but i have fond memories of the jet bikes from Rouge Trader so I will be building a squad of these to go together with my Chaos lord. This army will also use Daemons, at least a herald, some seekers and a unit of Daemonettes.


The army list currently looks something like this: > Chaos lord, MoS, Bike, Lightning claw, Power fist, Aura

  • 5 Bikers to go with the lord, MoS, melta, CCW
  • 6 Noise marines, blastmaster, sonic blasters, doom siren
  • 6 Noise marines, blastmaster, sonic blasters, doom siren
  • 1 herald of Slaanesh on Seeker
  • 5 Seekers to go the the herald
  • 12 Daemonettes No idea of the point cost of these, but I am aiming for 1000pts to start with.

Carl Cedergren
2013-11-20 11:14

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