New site

Its been almost two years since my last post, and the site was in grave need of some love and care. I have moved from e107 over to Ghost to motivate me to learn more about NodeJS. Right now most of the content is in need of a overhaul since i have just moved it from the old site to this one, and there are bound to be broken links and left over bbcodes etc, ill try to work through them under the next couple of weeks. I will also move the content from my miniature gaming blog tin addiction to this site as well as my reviews from moving hands if i can retrive them.

After that i hope to extend Ghost with the announced plugin support that will be available in version 0.5 to add some more features, i want the site to feel like it belongs in 2014 and not 2004 ;)

Carl Cedergren
2014-04-10 08:56

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